Everyone is aware how recycling is important to the world; but would you be even more inclined to recycle if you knew it was helping people out of poverty in Ghana? I think the majority of people would say yes. That’s right; every time you recycle a CapriSun or a Sun Chips bag you’re directly donating material to the women in Ghana who are lifting themselves out of poverty by creating and distributing these bags and purses throughout their villages.

Not only does recycling benefit the people in Ghana, there are many other poverty stricken countries in Africa that are able to generate a small but workable income as well. Poverty in many countries of Africa is so bad that women are left wondering how they are going to send their children to school and most importantly feed them. Recycling has given these mothers a chance to make a difference in their children’s futures.

Recycle, it’s good for the environment and feeds families across the world.