Gardening is more than just a hobby to Christina Kaba’s; it is part of her plan to feed the community of Cape Town, Africa. At age sixty-three, Christina is still managing to head the project she started nearly a decade ago that has been providing families with fresh vegetables from her local gardens.

Christina’s garden plot is one of twenty-eight in the garden project just in the Cape Town area. Combining her plots vegetables with other plots around the area, they are able to produce enough veggies to not only feed the community of Cape Town, but provide for the Harvest for Hope program as well. Being able to garden given any type of surface, Christina claims that a lot of newspaper, cardboard, grass, and composting does the trick.

Christina’s love for gardening is both feeding her community as well as building it. By expanding the amount of gardens, the opportunity for work is available for those that need it. Her efforts to contribute to the selling of fresh produce in the larger Cape Town market has been successful and largely recognized.