Chosen Children International or CCI is an organization that’s mission is to “break the cycle of poverty for orphans and destitute children in developing nations by extending Christ’s love to them. We endeavor to give children the skills necessary to break the poverty cycle by giving them educational opportunities, spiritual and emotional counseling, nutritional support, and by giving them a chance to live in our holistic children’s villages where they will be taught to be effective leaders of their societies.”

Seeing how over 2 million people in Kenya are infected with HIV/AIDS out of the 35 million population, CCI decided it was necessary to incorporate a healthy and safe ‘community’ for the orphans left behind.  With grandparents having to take care of the children after their parents pass, it is great because of the family ties, but usually these older folks can’t provide the proper emotional and psychological nurturing they need, pay for their education, clothing, and so on, making them not exactly fit to care for these children.

The CCI was given twenty acres of land by the Kenyan government that would allow them to create their dream of the Children’s Village. With this acreage, CCI wants to not only provide HIV/AIDS orphans with a safe place to live, but with the opportunity to better their futures; with this goal in mind, the Children’s Village will include elementary and high schools, a technical college, an affordable health clinic, fields where children can raise crops and livestock, and a chapel. Given these, the children will feel part of a community, get an education, care for themselves, and learn skills in farming that will provide them with a much more stable future.

Here is a model of CCI’s finished Children’s Village-

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