Nike Davies Okundaye , also known as ‘Mama Nike”, is an award winning artist from Nigeria that has become the owner of West Africa’s largest art gallery. Her artwork is known around the world and has been sold for thousands of dollars in international auctions.

‘Mama Nike’ has made it her mission to improve the lives of disadvantaged Nigerian women through teaching her techniques in artwork.  By providing these women with free classes and then setting them up with exhibitions that allow them to sell their artwork, these women have not only the opportunity to learn, but the opportunity to sell their creations to provide for their families.

She stresses the importance of teaching Nigerian women how to manage their money so they can successfully provide for their family’s education expenses, food, and medicine if an emergency arises.

By opening her workshop, Okundaye hoped to better the futures of Nigerian women and their families. This woman’s passion was so strong that she wanted to share it, and it appears to be making a huge impact on the lives of so many around her.

Teach what you love and see what happens!