It all sparked in a South by Southwest Interactive conference out of Austin, Texas; sitting together, two bloggers decided they needed to do something to support the disaster relief in Japan due to the tsunami tragedy on Friday March 11th. They pulled together a website, had a logo designed, created the hashtag #sxswcares on Twitter, and began communicating to the world.

South by Southwest established a partnership with the Red Cross, an organization that people are comfortable donating to, so that they could raise money to support disaster relief in Japan.

Through Twitter and the use of their hashtag, they were able to draw people in and guide them to the website that then allowed them to donate to the Red Cross.

People aren’t just retweeting this hashtag, they are actually taking it upon themselves to donate to a good cause.

Within the first two hours, they had raised $2,000 and by the end of the day it became $7,200.  Now only being just four days into the campaign, the result of this effort has become that of $25,000.

Samsung joined in on the effort and agreed to donate $1 every time someone tweets #sxswcares followed by a @samsungtweet.

It is amazing how social media can communicate and encourage so many people to come together for the greater good. Any effort, small or large, can become as big as you see it…or share it.

So sign in and start tweeting, the impact is greater than you may think!


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