How often do you see products brought to you from China no doubt from very low paid workers? Almost every time. But Tal Dehtiar is trying to change that with his socially responsible business, Oliberte.

Oliberte is the first international company to market shoes made in Africa. Paying these people with minimum wages and respect, they will soon be able to lift themselves out of poor living conditions and into a more developed middle class.

These shoes are designed for men and women that are looking for quality as well as to stand for something. Although the prices of these shoes are higher due to the respectful wages paid to the Nigerian workers, this is a price Dehtiar is willing to pay.

Even though Dehtiar is manufacturing in Africa where the costs are nearly 130% more than they would be in China, people are getting the message he is sending out and Oliberte is being supported by a growing amount of businesses. His vision of employing workers at higher wages to help build up an Africa middle class is coming true as people are becoming interested in buying responsibly

This is such a great idea. Investing in an area that not only creates job opportunities for the community but sparks an interest in consumers to support a good cause is genius. Although a large majority of people would rather pay low prices for certain products such as socks, pencils, clothes hangers, etc, when there is an opportunity to directly support a good cause for a higher price, we tend to do so. With people like Tal Dehtiar opening these doors, we can open our eyes to helping the world together.

“If you want quality footwear, if you want to pay people right, if you want to treat them with respect, use good product, then come to Africa.” -Tal Dehtiar

Make a difference, buy from Africa.