I have always been a large fan of reading the CNN Heroes stories on the CNN website.  Their stories are truly touching and their determination to help the world is amazing.  I feel it is so important that these people are being recognized for acting out their passions and making a difference.  Given my great interest in Africa, Amy Stokes story really stood out to me.  Amy Stokes created a non-profit, Infinite Family, that helps and supports children left orphaned from AIDS by providing them with a mentor through the internet.

Through Infinite Family, mentors can interact and establish relationships with children to help build futures for orphans that have lost the adults in their lives due to AIDS.  Amy gives these children someone to look forward to talking to; a caring and supportive adult in their life.  Learning basic computer skills to communicate such as typing will benefit them in getting a job in the future. Infinite Family gives these children a reason to believe that their life is worth investing in.

Amy Stokes was a CNN Hero in 2010 but will always be a hero to the world…

Inspire yourself with Amy’s story      http://bit.ly/fCLrLh